District Heating


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District Heating 

Gas and Utility Technology are experienced in designing and installing district heating networks.

Heating networks are an integrated system which dispense water throughout the circuit from a centralised power centre, powered by traditionally gas however electricity can be used. With this system, economies of scale can be achieved for the network end users, as the power being generated at one single large centre is much more economical than many smaller ones i.e. boilers. Heating networks can be installed to serve housing developments, public centres, schools etc. They can also be instigated together on the same network.

A district heating network manage supply and demand of heat. During the day commercial outlets demand more heat than residential structures, the network can subsequently allocate more resources toward the commercial outlet, and similarly, in the evening towards residential.

The UK has in excess of 17,000 networks, and 492,000 connections, and expected industry growth rates predicted.

At Gas and Utility Technology, we similarly are accredited to design and construct district heating systems, our highly trained engineers have a wealth of experience within the sector particularly for the best economical result for the end user.