EV Charging


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EV Charging

We provide design and construction of EV charging systems.

Fully compliant with industry standards, and a Rolec approved supplier, we install to both commercial and residential projects, with both wall mounted or standalone electrical distribution systems.

Offering a full installation service from design through to construction, we adapt each project to our clients’ needs and requirements.

Along with proving a variety of distribution systems, we also provide all associated electrical equipment such as distribution boards, breakers and cabling between distribution board and charger as well as all ground works carried out to enable earthing protection for safe use.

With a forecasted 1 million EV drivers in the UK by 2022, we foresee the growth in demand and necessity for EV charging points.


Rapid : 43 – 50 kw, charging to 80% within half an hour
Typical user – commercial

Fast : 7 – 22 kw charging complete 3-4 hours providing 30 – 80 miles range per hour
Typical user – domestic / commercial

Slow : 3kw charging complete within 6-12 hours providing 15 miles range per hour
Typical user – domestic