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Design and construction of telecommunications ducting systems.
Brick built or Stack a Box access chambers
Fully approved for use on the national BT network.

PVC-U Primary Duct Systems

Manufactured from virgin PVC-U polymer = 100% reliable performance.
Duct Systems are manufactured to Industry Standard BSEN 61386.
Solid wall construction, capable of being back-filled with “As Dug” materials where appropriate and not affected by sharp stone impingement.
Smooth bore ensuring easier and safer installation of sub-ducts and cables owing to lower internal friction.
Comprehensive range of sizes : 38mm – 250mm OD, to meet standard and bespoke requirements.
Range of wall thickness choices to meet variety of compression strength specified.
Standard Interference Fit / Push fit socket systems & Ring Seal Socket systems.

Polyethylene Duct Systems

Strong, flexible and impact resistant yet lightweight.
A full range of sizes available with OD’s from 3mm up to 250mm with a variety of SDR’s to suit customer requirements.
Duct can be supplied pre-cabled or pre-roped, depending on customer requirements.
Flexible & easy to work with, even at well below zero temperature.
Easy placement in Primary Duct systems.
Long life resistance to fatigue.
Resistant to many common liquids and chemicals.
Immune to most corrosion or fungal contamination.
Extensive range of colours for individual duct identification for multi way products.